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Watch New Yo-kai TV Anime Gets Compilation Film on November 12 with new added scenes.

 The latest work of the anime "Yo-Kai Watch" series, "Movie Yo- Kai Watch ♪ Kate and Orecchi's Encounter Edition Nyan ♪ Wa, Watakushi Mo ~ ♪♪" will be released to theaters at Aeon Cinema on November 12th. At the same time, the key visual was released.

"Movie Yo- Kai Watch ♪ Kata and Orecchi's Encounter Edition Nyan ♪ Wa, Watakushi Mo ~ ♪♪" is a DCP work for the theater by adding a new movie original part to the TV anime series. The first episode of "Yokai Watch" depicting the encounter between Kate, Whisper, and Jibanyan, the 25th episode of "Yokai Watch" depicting why Jibanyan became a monster, and the popular corner "4 Koma-san" of "Yokai Watch ♪" Can be enjoyed at the theater. In addition, bundle tickets with goods will be sold at Aeon Cinema 30 Building.

The film will incorporate Keita's first meeting with Whisper and Jibanyan (from television episode 1), the story of why Jibanyan became a Yo-kai (from episode 25) , and the popular "4-Koma-san" (Mr. Four-Panel) shorts.

The anime premiered on April 9. The new show features unique and returning Yo-kai. The comedy also centers on the original series' main characters: fifth-grader Keita (Nate in the English version), ghost butler Whisper, and popular Yo-kai like Jibanyan and Komasan. The original cast members for these four characters are returning for this new series.

The previous anime series to feature Keita was titled Yo-kai Watch (with an exclamation mark), which premiered on April 2019. That anime brought back Keita as the main character.

Yo-kai Gakuen Y: N to no Sōgū (Yo-Kai Academy Y: An Encounter With N), the most recent Yo-kai Watch anime series, premiered in December 2019 with the protagonist Jinpei Jiba on TV Tokyo and its affiliates. The Eiga Yo-kai Watch Jam: Yo-kai Gakuen Y - Neko wa Hero ni Nareru ka anime film opened in Japan in December 2019.

6th Yo-kai Watch Film Reveals Visual, December 13 Opening

circulated in media on 2019-06-14 01:05

Film is set in elite academy for top class students

The official website for Yo-kai Watch! franchise's anime films revealed a visual and the December 13 opening date on Friday for Eiga Yo-kai Watch! Jam: Yo-kai Gakuen Y - Neko wa Hero ni Nareru ka (Yo-kai Watch Jam the Movie: Yo-Kai Academy Y - Can a Cat be a Hero?), the sixth film in the Yo-kai Watch! franchise.

The new film's story is set in Y-Academy, an elite school that only allows students with top class abilities to enter. The protagonist, Jinpei Jiba, and his unique friends, take on the mysteries of the school as transforming heroes.

Eiga Yo-kai Watch!: Forever Friends, the franchise's fifth anime film, opened in Japan last December. The film eventually earned 1,043,725,500 yen (about US$9,615,164), and sold 930,000 tickets.

Source: Yo-kai Watch! films'  websiteComic Natalie

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