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Watch English Subtitles for Tokyo Revengers Manga 225.

 Takeomi inquires if Draken was shot when Senju was listening to Takemichi.

The final moments of Draken, who is set to die, are revealed in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225. In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225, a gang member punishes four men without assistance, setting off the unexplained incident at Rokuhara Tandai Hideout. The rivalry between numerous motorcycle gangs to conquer Tokyo, Shibuya, is revealed in Tokyo Revenger. The mystery motorcycle gang has regrouped since the last Tokyo Avengers Chapter, and the men who shot Draken have been punished. Their employer is concerned that Draken will be shot instead of Takemichi, the intended target. He questions why they shot Drake and suggests that they shouldn't have done so. "Cutthroat" is the title of the chapter.

The boss notices that one of Tokyo's most dreaded men has been hauled away and commends them on a job well done despite brutalising them. Let's go to the amusement park now. As the medics load Draken into the ambulance, the rain continues to fall. Citizens have congregated in the area, unsure of what is going on. Takemichi turns around and walks the other way. Takemichi sees that Senju asks the doctor how Dranken is doing when he contacts him. The doctor apologised, but Dranken was also apologetic, and he didn't finish his sentence. The doctor makes a phone call and informs Draken's family that they were unable to save him.

Takemichi listened to the doctor's words and accepted Draken's death. Senju contacts Takemichi multiple times, and each time, Takemichi responds after pondering what the doctor has said. Senju is perplexed and inquires of Takenmichi as to what they must do. By glancing at Takemichi's gesture, he realises Draken's game is done. Takemichi realises he responded to Senju and apologises for not paying attention to her. He asks her to repeat herself, and then another boy appears, shouting Senju's name.

Takeomi had previously asked if it is true that Draken was shot when Senju was listening to Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224. He turns around and inquires as to how Takeomi is aware of the situation. Takeomi thinks he's been discovered and utters the word shit*. While Senju interrogates Takeomi, Takemichi is still horrified by what happened. Takeomi responds that Rokuhara Tandai must be paid. Senju is perplexed as to why Takeomi says so, and Bekei and his group come.

Benikei ordered his troops to round up all of the BRAHMAN members, but Senju informed Takeomi that they couldn't do so at this time. Takeomi is adamant that now is the time to act. Senju says he isn't in the mood to do it right now. Takeomi reminds him that Draken was murdered and that they are unable to see him without intervening. He reminds her that this is a bloodbath, not a competition for first place. Takeomi pledges that from now on, he will take anything that comes his way. Rokuhara damaged everything, according to Senju, because things shouldn't have turned out this way. Takemichi is erect, as if he is a statue. The BRAHMAN members heard footsteps and were ready to revenge Draken.

It's brightening up here, says a voice. Senju recognises Rokuhara as a strange gang member announces that they have arrived at Draken's requiem. Takeomi instructed the Rokuhara gang to do so, and the commander suggested they begin with Armageddon. The fight between Rokuhara and BRAHMAN is about to commence. Takeomi goes on to say that they can sort it out right now. They hear the familiar sound of a bicycle and realise that things are about to get tricky. A bicycle with a KAMIKAZE licence plate comes to a halt. Mikey turns to face everyone, and there he is, perched atop that bike.

On Thursday, October 6, 2021, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 will be released. Mikey appears out of nowhere, and Takemichi cries his name. When Rokuhara's group sees Mikey, they begin to shake. Let's see if the conflict between the Three Deities begins in the following episode. In the following chapter of Tokyo Revengers, the cause for Mikey's visit will be revealed.

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