Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Fena: Pirate Princess Episode 8 Sub English


Do you find a lady attractive? believe her all the time? Do thoughts of her distract you from other things? don't be concerned , you are not crazy – she's just a witch!

While this is often something that we have seen implied in Fena: Pirate Princess ever since we first met the gorgeous teenage girl being forced to sell her virginity in an 18th-century brothel, in the week Shitan finally comes out and says it, and it's one among the only most infuriating moments of the show, a minimum of on behalf of me . Fena is so rarely judged by anything but her appearance and therefore the way that men react to her that in some ways it's no surprise that she comes off as more damsel in distress than capable girl , because regardless of what she does, there's always someone (usually a person during this show) who is for certain that each one of her behaviors are intended to bewitch the lads round her and thus that's the only measure by which she should be evaluated. That's frustrating, because Fena's appearance isn't something that she has any control over; yes, she could dress down or dye her hair (not always an excellent plan within the 18th century), but this is often the face and body she was born with. it's not her fault if people find those attractive. But every single time she tries to try to to something on her own, her appearance comes back to bite her; whether she's trying to flee the brothel, walking through town with the twins, or maybe simply existing in Abel's vicinity, there's always someone who takes in her looks and men's attraction to them and immediately demonizes her. To a degree, I desire we could also be guilty of an equivalent thing whenever we complain that she's more “princess” than “pirate,” because once you come right right down to it, this is often an adolescent raised to be a commodity who is simply now beginning to spread her wings. in fact she's not getting to be instantly amazing at everything, which includes making sound decisions.

I have to admit that this is often something i have been putting tons of thought into since Shitan had to be basically coerced into going after Yukimaru (who had depart after Fena) last week. Shitan is that the one crewman who has mostly held himself back from going to know Fena as a person; he treats her with a degree of distance that nobody else does. in the week we learn that he's doing this because he was warned that she was “a witch,” and he's trying very hard to not fall into her purported spell. But the opposite characters who have hung out lecture her are gung-ho about getting her back, not because they're beat love together with her , but because they skills excited she is by every new experience and the way determined she is to find out new things. They appreciate her personality, in other words; her looks are, if anything, just the icing on the cake. Shitan has been so brainwashed by the priest and beaten down emotionally by his brother that he can't see beyond what he's been told, and it doesn't much appear as if he wants to, nor does he want to think that perhaps Yukimaru wants to be together with her because he loves her instead of because she's pretty.

Of course, there's another possibility here, and that is that Shitan is crazy with Yukimaru himself. I'm not sold thereon theory, but I could see it being true nonetheless – he certainly cares about the opposite man an excellent deal and blames Fena for his injuries both past and present. albeit he isn't crazy with him, Yukimaru seems to be Shitan's one refuge from his brother, an individual who are going to be kind to him and care about him during a way that his family either won't or cannot. The thought of losing Yukimaru is clearly terrifying to Shitan, and Fena may simply be the simplest person responsible for creating him worry. She's an outsider albeit she isn't a witch, which could also be enough to justify his anger or dislike of her in his obviously troubled mind.

So i assume we should always hope that he wasn't watching when Yukimaru basically proposed to Fena at the top of the episode. i can not imagine that wouldn't summon up visions of stakes and bonfires in Shitan's mind.

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