Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Episode 3 The World Ends with You the Animation


Scene 3, "Deleted", gets with the one-two punch acknowledgment that Neku and Shiki are dead, and are basically playing a round of re-life and perma-passing in Shibuya's Underground through the Reapers' Game.Even though TWEWY the Animation is still finding its footing, the scene that plays out between Neku and Shiki as they mull over their un-existence in the RG (Realground, or our Reality) feels like two fire-forged friends having a heart-to-heart about wanting to find forward momentum in their lives again.

Through the entirety of that is happened up to this point, Shiki stays confident that on the off chance that they can endure the following two days, they'll get their opportunity at life back.She's a bright, genuine ray of sunshine, and in many ways, her characterization feels natural, though the pace is still a touch rushed. And in his own way, Neku is optimistic about a second chance at existing, too. He's much less of a misanthrope and instead comes off as a jerk with a heart of gold.

Post-OP, Neku and Shiki get together with Rhyme and Beat, and very quickly, a mission shows up. Be that as it may, there's no time limit this time, which nearly appears to be unrealistic.And even when the easy, laid-back music kicks in, there's a lingering sense of, “Oh god, what's gonna happen?” simmering in the background throughout episode 3.

It doesn't take long for the plot to kick in after that. Truth be told, it doesn't take long at all before Beat and Rhyme run into inconvenience as harvesters Koki and Uzaki. The former is content to chill: the latter is absolutely not having it, and in a rather cruel scene, decides that things would be a lot more exciting if some Noise got involved. So, without any hesitation—nor an order from upper management—Uzaki unleashes a Jaws-esque Shark noise that immediately raises the threat level of the games. Best Short Girl (by this, I mean Rhyme) gets munched on by a shark like I munch on pork skins: quick, fast, and in a hurry.

I'm still of the assessment that TWEWY the Animation should resemble an abnormal, foolish experience through 00s Shibuya for anime-just watchers. A lot of scenes in this episode made me feel strongly, but that's because I have all of this background knowledge of the characters and the world. Without such context, I don't know if Rhyme's devouring would have had the same impact.

It's an ineffectively paced arrangement in a transformation that is driven by this odd, excited energy. Everything listed above happens in the first half of the episode, and a heck of a lot more happens in the back half which I won't dive into. I think the pacing will slow down eventually, but it's hard to tell whether that will happen within this cour.

There's some executioner music in this scene, however I ended up wanting the tunes from the game. However, that's most definitely nostalgia speaking; the in-show music is never bad, though it can lean a bit generic at times.

As it were, TWEWY the Animation is perhaps the most intriguing promotions for a computer game establishment to date.It's beautiful, stylish as heck, and features really great voice acting, but it's hard not to shout, “Go play the game then watch this!” so that viewers have some context about what is all happening in these first few episodes. However, rather than pushing the source material onto you, I'll suggest that you just come along for the ride, and if you like what you see, pick up the game later—either on the DS or the Switch—to fill in the gaps that the anime either don't or won't have time to fill. I think there are still enough in-world lore and general world-building in these episodes to keep viewers engaged.

While I for one l appreciated this scene, I must be a touch more basic with my rating this week.I don't think I can give episode 3 all the thumbs up with how badly paced it was. While there are a lot of really enjoyable moments for series veterans, it's not a good entry for anime-only viewers.

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