Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Episode 3 Super Cub


 Scene 3, "Things Received", starts as a significant number of Koguma's days do now: she gets on her Super Cub, protective cap cozy on her head, and warily heads to class with the breeze blasting by. It's as picturesque as many of the scenes in Super Cub have been, though there's a distinct air that today, things will be a little different for Koguma.

After the OP, we see Koguma and Reiko at their new lunch home base under the bicycle cover. Koguma proceeds to eat some very cold curry…which she's rather expressive about distinctly not liking (fair enough; cold curry isn't satisfying in the least). The scene is rather brief, but Koguma's expression is vivid enough for Reiko to pick up on her displeasure. Yet as quick as the scene is, I found myself smiling because it shows how Koguma's already grown so much over the course of three episodes. In fact, I don't think that the Koguma of episode 1 would have been so candid to another person.

After school, Reiko and Koguma head to the nearby grocery store to get a few treats. This quickly leads to them heading to an office where a middle-aged man has something for Reiko: a busted motorbike that she can take her pick of parts from. Reiko has her eyes on one part in particular: a very convenient storage box that she means to give to Koguma so she can store her things while she rides around.

The young ladies head back to class and together they introduce her new helpful box on the rear of the Cub. Finally, Koguma's got a bit of style, not to mention the means to protect her belongings from the inevitable rainy day that's gonna come around at some point. The whole scene feels like the start of Koguma's real adventure with her bike.

We're still especially in Koguma's mind in scene 3, yet that is justifiable. Despite exchanging greetings—Koguma's “Good morning” to Reiko's “mmm”—Reiko is still more of an acquaintance to Koguma than a friend. And while it's clear from the OP and the promo art that the friendship between these two kindred spirits is a foregone conclusion, it's still too early for that adhesion to happen. In fact, I suspect that their friendship will eventually grow into something more. Not romantically, but rather a close bond formed over their love of Cubs, and the freedom these bikes have brought each girl.

Eventually, scene 3 denotes a major change as Koguma grins all the more oftentimes, obviously very satisfied with her Super Cub. She even dreams about it in a sequence that's downright beautiful. It's one of this episode's most joyful moments, second only to Koguma fawning—in her own way—over her new storage box. Little by little, Koguma's world is filling with color. I look forward to the day when her life is so satisfying that she never stops smiling.

Until that day, I'll proceed to stan Super Cub on the grounds that really… this show is so genuine. The music continues to be evocative and provides the perfect table setting for Koguma as her world flourishes, bit by bit. It's going to be hard not to give each episode a 5/5 every week, but honestly, episode 3 more than earned it in my book.


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