Thursday, April 29, 2021

Episode 2 Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun Season 2


It's never a decent sign when somebody burns through the greater part of a scene in the hiding shadows.Who is this fiend after Ameri and why does he want her to start acting like some sort of damsel from the bad old days? Is he the same guy we see in the preview for next week with the huge tail (hope that's not symbolic) and the character design that screams “Go Nagai meets Riyoko Ikeda”?

I'm speculating indeed, and furthermore that it's potentially Ameri's own behavior that deplorably drew her out into the open.That's because Ameri finally manages to get her wish this week: she more or less conscripts Iruma into the student council. Mind you, she's not entirely positive about why she's so invested in what he does or what he wears, but she saw her moment and she seized it – the Magic Apparatus Battler (battler being demon-speak for club) is currently in violation of the school rules having lost its third year in the previous season, so Ameri has to suspend it for the time being. She's got a workaround for Iruma, Azz-Azz, and Clara, though. If they spend time in other battlers and get letters of recommendation from those battlers' presidents, they can resume activities. (Or if they all reach a certain rank or find another third year. She doesn't seem to be counting on that, though.) So Ameri promptly assigns Clara and Asmodeus to other battlers and tells Iruma he'll be joining the student council for the time being. It's a great chance for her to maybe finally figure out what the hell she feels for him. Probably.

I do need to contemplate whether she'd be so enthused about sorting this out had she not figured out how to confuse two scenes of Iruma wearing a fleecy, frilly dress, since that appears to have tossed her for all the more a circle than a kid in a dress benefits.Rather than it actually bothering her, it seems more likely that it surprised her and forced her to confront her own feelings. Ameri's really very staid and traditional in a lot of ways, or at least likes to present herself that way to the rest of the student body, so her suspicions that Iruma's actually a human and her love of gooey shoujo manga are probably conflicting with her own self-image, especially since she's being careful not to reveal either of those things to the school at large. In an analysis that's way too serious for this show, I'd say that Iruma makes her see herself as more (for lack of a better word) human, as in someone with a variety of feelings and preferences. That's likely uncomfortable for her, and being around Iruma more is a good excuse to make it all about him rather than herself – or her dad's vaguely unsettling fantasies about her and Iruma giving him a grandchild who looks like Sullivan.

Talking about Sullivan, how in the world did Ameri get him to allow Iruma to move to the quarters? As the mid-scene Su-Ki-Ma parody A-Ri-Ma shows, poor people man is deprived at the deficiency of the grandson he purchased, and I would even prefer not to consider how his new battler is holding Azz-Azz back from raging the understudy gathering and reattaching himself to his best pal.(Clara, being Clara, is just going with the flow. I love Clara.) Even before Mr. Concealing Shadows spritzed Ameri with his perfume of damselification, things were getting ready to boil over in the background, so this is just another excitingly bizarre complication to a situation that was already on its way to blowing up.

Blowing up in the best way possible, of course. About all we can be sure of is that nothing is going to turn out how it's “supposed” to.

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